Safety is Number One.

Arctic Crane Service’s commitment to safety is the core component of our success in what can be a dangerous business.

“Safety is number one. The work we do is very dangerous so it’s of the utmost importance that safety is everyone’s concern when they go to work each day. As a manager, I don’t ask my employees to do anything that they don’t feel safe in doing.”Shane Fraser, General Manager

Arctic Crane Service’s commitment to safety is the core component of our success in what can be a dangerous business. Working every day with equipment and materials that weigh several tons, our team members share the common goal of preventing injuries and incidents. Safety is a partnership and Arctic Crane Service provides employees and contractors with the necessary education, training, leadership and resources to reach our goal of a 100% safety record with zero lost time incidents. Every member of the Arctic Crane team lives by our main principle: by working together, we can all enjoy the benefits of a safe workplace.

Arctic Crane Service maintains a highly qualified and experienced safety department that’s constantly monitoring, upgrading and ensuring employee compliance with the company safety program. We were proud to score 97% on our most recent COR (Certificate of Recognition) external safety audit. We meet the high safety standards of every company we work for through our already rigorous safety training and by reviewing and revising our Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures as needed.

All employees of Arctic Crane and its subsidiaries are expected to:

  • Follow and promote Safety Policies, Practices, and Procedures
  • Make safe work decisions for themselves and others
  • Meet training requirements
  • Adhere to responsible operations of all equipment

Arctic Crane Service’s Policies, Safe Work Practices, and Safe Job Procedures are clearly defined in our safety manual for all employees to follow. Our safety statistics, Job Safety Analysis, Safety Manual and additional safety information are available upon request.

Safety through partnerships

“When you gamble with safety, you bet with your life!”Sara Lavoie, Health & Safety Advisor

Arctic Crane is proud to be in partnership with the Alberta Construction Safety Association and our safety management program achieved the Certificate of Recognition (COR) in our audit. We are also affiliated with some of the most respected industry safety programs including:

The Arctic Crane Commitment

Our vision is a culture where health and safety is an integral part of every aspect of our business. Our mission is to provide professional crane services to our clients while encouraging our team to work effectively with our Health and Safety Management System.

We will:

  • Promote a healthy and safe work place and protect the environment.
  • Hold management responsible for providing a safe work environment and enforcement of all company rule, safety policies, safge work procedures and practises.
  • Hold employees and contractors responsible for following all company rules, safety policies, safe work procedures and reporting of unsafe acts and safety incidents.
  • Commit to compliance with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations and industry best practices. We will use audits as a measuring tool to monitor and improve our health and safety program.

We are committed:

  • To providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees.
  • To hold each other accountable for safety and health practises and to provide the leadership and resources required to achieve our goals.
  • To monitor and enforce all safety practises and strive for safety excellence.
  • To maintain equipment in accordance with industry standards and compliance with legislative requirements.

We believe:

  • All incidents are preventable.
  • Our workers must be committed to working safely.
  • Leadership is accountable for safety performance.
  • We are individually responsible for protection of our environment.
  • The health and safety program must be integrated as part of our management process in order for success.
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