HSE: Health Safety and Environment Policy

The Management philosophy at Arctic Crane incorporates Health, Safety, Environment & Quality excellence as a core value.

Along with our customers, contractors and suppliers we share the vision that we can perform our operations in such a way that no one gets hurt, nothing gets harmed or adversely impacted. This statement of policy is the foundation that supports our entire Health, Safety & Environment Management System. This System establishes our management philosophy regarding our HSE values, as well as, a shared vision between our customers, contractors and suppliers while following the governing legislation.

Therefore, it is our policy to:

  • Comply with all relevant HSE legislations, regulations and all other governing requirements
  • Ensure that policies, procedures and standard practices are developed, implemented and continuously reviewed to identify and control any HSE impacts that relate to our business activities
  • Set HSE objectives and targets to achieve superior performance (i.e., Environmental impact prevention, hazard eliminations, Incident/accident prevention) through the utilization of a continuously improving Health, Safety & Environment Management System.
  • Provide proper training and education to enable our employees at all levels, of the company, understand and perform their roles and responsibilities involved with their job functions.
  • Provide the education to ensure all employees and contractors understand their legal responsibilities under legislation. To ensure our HSE Management system includes, without judgment, the “OHS Right’s”: “Right to Know”, “Right to Participate” and the “Right to refuse dangerous work”.
  • Appoint a Health & Safety Committee or a Health & Safety Representative to ensure mechanisms are implemented to communicate with and obtain input from employees, customers, contractors and other interested parties that may contribute to the improvement of our HSE Management System.
  • Our HSE Management System Manual describes the HSE responsibilities of the Arctic Crane organization from Senior Management, to workers, contractors and visitors.  It features controls necessary in achieving our HSE vision “no one gets hurt, nothing gets harmed or adversely impacted” and is consistently complied with at all Arctic Crane facilities.

At Arctic Crane, we are committed – ethically, financially and personally – to provide a safe working environment.

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