Arctic Crane has seen and done it all. Our fleet is world-class and our team has the most experience in the business. Whether it’s well completions, rig moving, construction, plant turnarounds, heavy hauling and equipment sets, forestry or rigging rentals, we know how to make it happen.

Well Completions

Arctic Crane Service Ltd. is an industry leader in supplying cranes for well completion. We have cranes ranging from 35 Ton to 500 Ton to complete any job.

 Rig Moving

Arctic Crane Service provides exceptional service and knowledge of the rig moving industry. We provide state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel to get drilling rigs moved quickly and safely.


No job is too big or too small. From hoisting roof trusses, pre-cast tilt ups, bridge construction, tower crane erection and oilfield production equipment – we are fully equipped to handle any construction job.

 All-Terrain Cranes

Our All Terrain Cranes are equipped with remote capability that allows our crane operators to function the crane from up to 300 feet away.


We have many years’ of experience servicing the Forestry industry. We can provide crane services for portal crane inspections and mill maintenance.

 Plant Turnarounds

Our management team has extensive experience planning plant turnarounds, promoting efficient completions to minimize downtime.

 Heavy Hauling & Setting

At Arctic Crane we work closely with several trucking companies and can provide a one-stop solution to your hauling and setting requirements.

 Rigging Rental

We offer rentals for Man Baskets, Spreader Bars, Shackles and more. Contact us for details and pricing.

Cranes in Action

  • 270 Ton All Terrain Crane GP Bridge 5
  • 120 Ton All Terrain Crane
  • 90 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane Coil Tubing
  • 140 Ton Precast 3
  • 35 Ton Picker Truck
  • 270 Ton Phishing Job
  • Arctic LTM 1220-5.2  94706 (1)
  • 270 Ton All Terrain Crane Man Basket Shot
  • 120 Ton All Terrain Crane
  • Arctic Crane in action
  • Arctic Crane in action
  • Arctic Crane's during rig move
  • Oilfield Construction Two 270 Ton All Terrain Cranes
  • WAC Bennett Dam Hudson's Hope
  • Two Crane Lift
  • 500 Ton LTM 1400 7.1 All Terrain Crane
  • 500 Ton LTM 1400 7.1 All Terrain Crane
  • LTM 1400 7.1 500 Ton All Terrain Crane